What we do

CLEAR is a benchmark in the electro-mechanical installation sector – Electricity, Hydraulics, Air Conditioning, IBS and Maintenance

ELECTRICITY - electrical infrastructure, transformer stations, generators and UPSs, general electrical installations, structured cabling installations, energy generation and renewable energies.

HYDRAULICS  - water supply, effluent drainage networks, fire extinction systems, hot water consumption systems, treatment systems for drinking and effluent water, pumping stations, gas networks, organic waste recovery plants.

AIR CONDITIONING – HEATING, VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING - mechanical ventilation systems, heating systems, refrigeration systems, environmental air conditioning systems, steam production and distribution, compressed air production and distribution, and smoke extraction systems.  

IBS (INTELLIGENT BUILDING SYSTEMS) – instrumentation, sound and image, centralized technical management, fire detection, security and surveillance, domotics and inmotics, automation systems, systems integration.

MAINTENANCE - technical assistance, preventive and corrective maintenance, hydraulics, electricity and IBS, air conditioning, maintenance management, energy and heating auditing, interior air quality auditing, energy saving plans, preliminary studies of alternative energy solutions.

INFRA-STRUCTURE - electrical facilities using low voltage, low voltage electrical networks and transformer stations, electrical facilities and networks with operating voltages up to 60 KV, facilities for generating electrical energy, telecommunications infrastructure, fire extinguishing, security and detection systems, environmental waste water treatment plants, gas distribution networks and facilities, compressed air and vacuum networks, support and signaling facilities for transport systems and other mechanical and electro-mechanical installations.